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Robert Luis Rivera

Martial Arts Instructor

About Robert

Robert Luis Rivera is a Martial Arts Master who currently lives and works in Florida. He has a long history of providing expert training for his students that helps them succeed in numerous areas. Robert is dedicated to martial arts and sharing the knowledge of the different aspects of martial arts with the people who need it most. He has built a successful business around his ability to teach skills that help people in various aspects of their life.

Becoming a Martial Arts Master takes time, dedication, and discipline. Robert was able to work hard to gain the skills that earned him his black belt master level status in the Filipino Martial Arts. Robert Luis Rivera has throughout his life dedicated himself in the world of martial arts. These disciplines that he studied did include multiple forms of karate, kung-fu, Ju-jitsu, and the Filipino Martial Art of Kali.  In addition to these studies, Robert has also trained in boxing, kick-boxing, and fencing.

 Mr. Rivera’s specialties include teaching combat and survival tactics, self-defense, and bully-prevention programs through martial arts.

In his early career, Robert Luis Rivera worked for different organizations, businesses, and individuals. He acted as a consultant for different types of projects as well as a teacher for police officers and military personnel. Mr. Rivera has provided seminars and training courses for people who wanted to learn the basics of self-defense. Robert put together specific training courses and tactics that he was able to teach others to help them gain a piece of mind if they come in contact with a violent person.

He owned and operated a Martial Arts Academy in the Northeast early on in his career where he created many courses and offered a range of programs for his students. While he had his academy, Robert Luis Rivera began branching out from the traditional teaching of martial arts. Mr. Rivera worked with filmmakers and video game developers as a sort of consultant. He provided knowledge and even choreography for fight scenes to help make these projects look as realistic as possible.

Robert has a mastery of teaching and informing others on the benefits and techniques of martial arts. He has been able to successfully educate people who had no prior knowledge of martial arts. After living and working in the NY metropolitan area for many years, Robert moved to Florida where he opened the American Martial Arts Academy. He continues to provide his services to many different people with varying goals.

Robert Luis Rivera has experience creating a program that teaches individuals the strategies of self-defense, bully prevention, and domestic violence protection. His business has provided a piece of mind to people who experience complex and dangerous situations. His goal is to give people the skills to build character, courage, confidence, self-esteem, and safety through martial arts.

When Robert Luis Rivera was younger, he was severely bullied, which has impacted the way he teaches martial arts. He has used his experiences to create specific programs to help people learn to defend themselves and to prevent bullying. Robert has been able to create a business that provides people with the skills that they, hopefully, would never need. The success of his business is rooted in the success of his students. His main goal is to ensure that everyone learns more than just some karate moves such as the tools to be confident and courageous in stressful situations.