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Marketing Mistakes

The main ingredient to drive marketing is excitement, but it also requires business essentials such as giving users places to get more information. Here are common marketing mistakes businesses make either by overdoing it or overlooking key marketing components.

Building a Website Too Soon

Every business needs a web presence, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a website. It’s possible to be part of a social network and develop communication channels within the network or to communicate online through email. The idea of rushing into a website can be a mistake since it’s better to make a well thought out quality presentation. Another alternative for a new business is to create a “coming soon” page that provides hints about the upcoming launch.

Before building a website, the business owner should decide who will have access to uploading new content to the site. This decision will influence how the site is constructed and the degree to which it is user-friendly.

Forgetting the Contact Page

One of the most crucial pages of a website is the contact page, which is the key to generating leads. Even inquiries can be treated as leads, which is why the site should at least have an active email account. This account can be used to collect questions, comments, and suggestions from potential customers.

Fear of Experimentation

Experimentation can sometimes be the key that lifts a business to a prominent level. Even though experimentation is often treated as taboo in the business world, it is sometimes responsible for unleashing new ideas that improve the market. One of the fastest ways to learn from an audience what they like is to offer multiple choices. Running simultaneous marketing campaigns can also provide a wealth of data to help shape early business decisions.


Some of the most common marketing mistakes made by new companies involve not putting enough emphasis on communication and creativity. While it’s crucial to develop a quality website, it’s even more essential for prospects to have a direct way of reaching the company for more information. The company should also be focused on creating content that keeps customers coming back to learn more.